Projects will be evaluated by both faculty members from your respective fields of study. Excellent proposals will be concise, clear, descriptive, persuasive, and easy to follow. The grants are awarded to high quality projects. An excellent proposal describes and justifies a project.

The full set of proposal documents includes the following:

A proposal narrative describes the project and provides a rationale for conducting the work. Although a lengthy literature review is not required, previous scholarly work should be emphasized as justification of the project. The narrative should also include what the student hopes to accomplish and how this project will contribute to the field.

In the sciences and in engineering, excellent proposals will: (a) orient reviewers to the greater body of relevant literature and convey why the project is important and significant, (b) present the objectives or hypotheses for the project that are related to the previous literature, (c) include a clear and descriptive methodology section that directly shows how the project objectives and/or hypotheses will be achieved, and (d) detail expected results and their significance.

In the arts and humanities, excellent proposals contain a description of the idea or question that the student will be exploring, the planned approach or line of thought, and the significance of the proposed work and the contribution that it will make to the arts and/or humanities.

The narrative portion of the proposal must not exceed 2,500 words (5 single-spaced pages, with 12-point font and 1″ margins, excluding references).

A detailed timeline for the project should include all critical project events:

  • IRB/IACUC review (if necessary);
  • A month-by-month proposal of work, a reporting date, and;
  • A target date and location for presentation of the work.
A GRCO proposal can include a request for equipment, supplies, and research-related travel. All proposals must include a detailed budget covering where the money will be spent. All GRCO awards are a maximum of $1,000.
All proposals must include an up-to-date CV in order to be reviewed.

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A letter of support from the applicant’s faculty mentor must accompany each GRCO proposal. We will contact the faculty mentor after receiving the proposal.

The letter should:

  • Outline the qualifications of the applicant to complete the project.
  • Outline the nature of the project as “an inquiry or investigation conducted by a graduate student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline.”
  • Provide a statement of support for the project, its feasibility, timeline, and potential educational outcomes.